The 20 Habits of Truly Brilliant Presenters

(Stephen Parker, Senior Industry Evangelist)

Presenting can be exhilarating, but it can also be the stuff of nightmares.  The pleasure of sharing ideas and seeing the light bulbs go off in the audience as the message lands can quickly be replaced by fear of failure and a desire to run.

Even actors and musicians that we admire for their amazing stage presence are not immune (Richard Burton, Stephen Fry, Robbie Williams to name but a few).

Interesting to many, Essential to Few

(Stephen Parker, VP Market Research)

I offer this as a simple tag line to the malaise that many businesses find themselves in when it comes to positioning their Cloud offerings.  With all the hype about massive market opportunities offered by the unlocking of geographical constraints it is not surprising that the natural approach when looking at Cloud is a top down view.  This leads to a vision based on a massive market that can be served by a standardised offering that must surely be capable of at least a 5% penetration.  However experience shows that this approach has not been successful.

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IDC APeJ Predictions 2015 Web Conference: A New Disruptive Marketplace

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, rhipe) Yesterday (2015-01-27) I listened to an IDC webinar covering their 2015 predictions across various areas for Asia Pacific (excluding Japan).  At over 3 hours it was a long session but well worthwhile. You can find further details and the ability to register for the on-demand recording here ( Key takeaways included:…

Help your customers get their data into the Cloud

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, Rhipe) There are various blockers identified for why customers hesitate in adopting Cloud services e.g. security, offshore data, service reliability etc.  However from a very practical perspective simply getting data from it’s current location (on-premises) to the Cloud can be just as big a blocker. It doesn’t matter how…