Get the Microsoft Partner Center - With Office 365/Azure AD Tenant

What is the Microsoft Partner Center?  Servicing Office365 and Azure customers can be difficult for partners to manage efficiently and easily on a large scale. The Microsoft Partner Center allows partners like to easily manage their clients’ Office365, Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft Online services without having to store and share administrator credentials. In Partner Center you can also manage membership, customer referrals, incentives, and all other…

Disrupting Modern Consulting

Is this the end of traditional consulting models? Modern consulting practices promote flexibility and relationships as opposed to high up-front costs and continual change requests. They tend to lean towards a more relational operating model, which generally involves a process of engaging a client regarding a need, building a relationship through delivery and aiming to…


Red Hat Summit: Day 3 (Part 2)

(Boughty Canton, VP Products & Programs, rhipe)

So we’ve reached the end of another Red Hat Summit, and go figure that the first session I attended literally had people sitting on the floor it was so crowded. What would draw this kind of crowd you might ask? A session titled “Containers vs Virtualization.” Would that get you up early?