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SmartEncrypt is a SaaS file encryption solution enabling businesses to protect and control their data by securing files wherever they travel and are accessed, including in oud out of the cloud.


Grow your profitability with a unique SaaS encryption solution

  • Increase profitability with high margin recurring monthly revenue
  • Solve data security problems common to businesses of all sizes
    • - Implement a ‘layered defence’ to fill cloud security gaps
    • - Minimise customer data leak risks from BYOD users, employee theft
  • Sell a very easy-to-use and deploy encryption solution
  • Retain customers with a ‘sticky’ encryption product exclusive to rhipe

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How SmartEncrypt works

  • AES 256-bit encryption protects sensitive files and folders, cloud storage, network shares and removeable media.
  • Data is encrypted with company-controlled encryption keys that are stored in the cloud.
  • To access an encrypted file, a user logs-in and once successfully authenticated, their device receives the encryption key to open the encrypted file.
  • The encryption and decryption is automated and seamless. Accessing files is no different for users to before it was encrypted, because files are not renamed or moved.
  • Customers can control who, when and where users can access encrypted files – even on devices beyond their firewall.
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Always-on file security providing peace of mind

AES 256-bit encryption travels with the file and secures it wherever its located. Content is kept safe as is only visible with the encryption key providing much needed peace of mind.

Critical data control and ownership

Encrypting files enables businesses to maintain full ownership of their data by controlling who can access, from what device or location, and even from beyond the firewall. Encryption keys can be revoked, and device access blocked from beyond the firewall.

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File protection certainty in and out of the cloud

Enables customers take their own protection to the cloud to eliminate risks of unauthorised file access or potential leakage via backdoors, that can exist even with big cloud storage providers.

SmartEncrypt delivers seamless next-generation file encryption for businesses of any size


Encryption made easy

SmartEncrypt is incredibly easy to use for both administrators and users and makes data security and compliance achievable for even the smallest of businesses.


Encryption works best when no-one notices it

The encryption process is seamless and ‘invisible’ with files automatically encrypted /decrypted when accessed, saved and closed, or when content is added to encrypted locations.


Protection that enables users to work as usual

Unlike other file encryption solutions, no manual input is required and files types are not changed, relocated or reassociated. User workflows are unchanged which delivers a superior user experience.

Enable your customers to benefit from the protection encryption delivers but without the complexity

SmartEncrypt - file protection made easy

  • Encrypts files, folders, network drives, Servers, NAS storage
  • Automatically encrypts content added to encrypted locations
  • Global encryption policies for mobile or BYOD device users
  • Encrypts Dropbox, One Drive and other popular cloud storage services
  • Manages encryption key access for individual users or groups
  • Allows businesses to provide data-specific encryption keys
  • Enables sharing of encrypted files, with an encrypted wrapper
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) through Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Easy, affordable file encryption for even the smallest of businesses

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