365 Readiness Program

What is the 365 Readiness Program?

Our 365 Readiness Program is a series of workshops and webinars that help your clients understand all the features and functionalities Microsoft 365 offers. It is designed to educate users at any level, increasing usage across the full Office Suite (including mobility and security).

This program will save you time and help expand your services by allowing us to directly empower your clients on how to use Microsoft 365 to its full potential.

The workshops and webinars are hosted by our team of consultants and engineers with in-depth knowledge of cloud productivity and collaboration. They will be taking care of planning and delivery of the program.


What will your client receive?

Our 365 Readiness workshops are customised specifically for clients’ business needs with a focus on:

  • Functional and integrated Office 365 digital workplace solution
  • Webinars and ongoing access to our knowledge base
  • SaaS – 24/7 support offering
  • Understanding the functionalities and best practice for integration for all the Office 365 applications
  • Migration – aaS
  • SharePoint/Team site governance and strategy
  • Document management
  • Optimising content and profile search
  • Automating processes and analytics


Why sign up for the 365 Readiness Program?

  • Increase your profitability: This program will give your business a competitive edge for your sales pitch. It is simple and fast to implement and all the education and planning will be done by our Solutions Team, saving you time and effort.
  • Increase your service offering: Our 365 Readiness Program is a service that your client will want to utilise as it empowers them to through education. If you already have a Solutions Practice, we can help expand the capability of your team or we can be your “bench”.
  • Increase Customer Retention: Client will stay within your own “suite” of services - so they will not need to look elsewhere. The 365 Readiness Program provides value to your clients, which will help business become a trusted advisor.


How to get started

Our 365 Readiness Program will be available to all our partners through our CSP or LSP programs. You can find out more information by checking out our article about the 365 Readiness Program.

Alternatively, you can also contact your Account Manager or our VP of Solutions, Ollie Heales, Ollie.Heales@rhipe.com for more details.