Primaxis - Miguel Jordan (Business Development Manager)
Primaxis - Miguel Jordan (Business Development Manager)

Catalysts in new-age technology and the emerging development of IT solutions to streamline processes, is the new modern-world that we live in.

From its humble beginnings in 1995, Primaxis has delivered 978 solutions to its 567 customers. When we sat down with Miguel Jordan, he explained that the IBM business started by “delivering technical and training capabilities in the IBM Notes/Domino space, becoming a leader in the APAC region”. In turn, shifting to more advanced technologies such as; Microsoft, Cybersecurity and the advancements of business models such as Saas offerings. 

“Primaxis became an expert in delivering high value offerings in: Managed Services, Application Innovation and Migrations”

As market leaders the company’s core objectives circulate around four growth pillars:

  • Technological move
  • Area expansion
  • Own solutions
  • Best partners


“Primaxis has been traditionally very horizontal in term of industries, covering a large array of customers, both public and private and of different levels, from SMBs to large enterprises”

However, over recent years and forward-thinking innovations, development has seen the company expand to produce its own IP in the Health sector, allowing for expansion of their footprint in the specified field. This has allowed for security in the future growth and development of the business. 

The ability to identify where the customers have required assistance, coupled with the understanding as to where the business needs to be in order to meet the consumers, has in turn, directed Primaxis to partner with rhipe Solutions.

Miguel says that when the company’s portfolio began to diversify its offerings to include the Microsoft suite of products, “rhipe was without any doubt the most reputed partner in this area”.

The successful transition of our company into the MS technology wouldn’t have been possible without our partnership with Rhipe”


As the seamless decision was made, it became apparent that given the support provided over the years – tied with their reputation in the industry, meant the decision to partner with rhipe was second-to-none. The combination of these factors, suggested to us as a company, that they would be the ideal candidate given the ample portfolio of impressive services they provide, which include:

  • MSP areas
  • C#
  • SharePoint
  • Citrix

Providing high value consulting services to customers, rhipe has managed larger tender processes on Primaxis’ behalf, in fields such as Azure and Office365. “The response times are also remarkably quick and professional” says Miguel.

rhipe has aided with providing motion control solutions in the APAC region and CNC Design which has led to an exclusive partnership with Siemens for machine tool products – with the ability to develop codes in C++, QT and SQL. It has in turn, run the industrial machinery they manufacture. When advancements in the coding technology was required given memory leaks, hangs, and crashes, CNC Design affiliated with Primaxis, who turned to rhipe for consultation:

  • A general review of the code developed
  • Best practices session in these technologies
  • Potential tools to be suggested to help coding in these technologies
  • Code quality control plan

Phased in through two stages, the review and enhancement of the codes were performed ensuring that the customer did not suffer any leaks, crash’s or hang. This led to improved performance, greater customer satisfaction and downtime costs. The industrial machinery CNC manufactured now meant it had improved the performance, and the coding did not suffer from any of the problems explained above.

What’s next on the horizon for Primaxis?

Gaining a significant market share within the Australian Health sector, particularly with its Interpreter Management System, the company already has several hospitals within Australia already onboard. “Ambitiously, we plan to expand our share within other regions (USA, UK, Europe) and within different sectors of the economy, such as; Justice, Police and Immigration for instance”.

Another pivotal moment in the company’s growth is the engagement with Office 365 products. Where Primaxis differentiates from other stakeholders within the industry is that, they aim to be able to provide a high level of expertise, particularly in the SharePoint application development space.

“Rhipe plays an important role for Primaxis in this area as they will be actively supporting the growth and technical capabilities to become a key player in the market”.