Join the VMware vCloud Air Network Program

The VMware vCloud Air Network Program (previously VSPP) is a cornerstone of VMware’s vCloud initiative.

This program is designed to help ensure a successful partnership with VMware, providing program partners with the opportunity to grow a services-based business on a pay as you go, pay as you grow monthly subscription model.

A Wealth of Opportunities:

What can VMware's vCloud Air Network program do for your business?

The VMware program provides services providers with industry leading technologies and tools that allow them to create differentiated offerings for customers in many of the hottest business areas.  The program is truly global with service providers across more than 100 countries offering industry vertical offerings, with multiple compliance certifications across everything from pure infrastructure to managed application services.

Where is your unique opportunity?

VMware vCloud Air Network: Animated Overview

The VMware vCAN provides customers with extensibility, flexibility, and choice of public and hybrid cloud services. vCAN Service Providers offer the data sovereignty customers need with the security, reliability, and performance that comes with a VMware-based cloud solution.

vCloud Air Network for Managed Services Providers

The VMware vCloud Air Network Program provides a Managed Services Provider model enabling service providers to leverage vCloud Air as their core infrastructure while differentiating with their managed services on top.

The VMware vCloud Air Network program can help to grow your business with industry leading technology.

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  • Are you an IT partner providing Hosted IT services to End User Companies?
  • Do you provide subscription or web services to third parties?
  • Do you market yourself as Application Service Providers, Internet Service
  • Are you a Hoster, Co-location Provider, Cloud Provider, DaaS Provider, Disaster Recovery Provider or Managed Service Providers?

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