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The Trend Micro Managed Services Program (MSP) is dedicated to businesses running a MSP business model, or for resellers running a traditional VAR business who wish to expand to MSP.

Trend Micro provides industry leading cloud security solutions, purpose-built tools for on demand provisioning /multi-tenant management combined with payment options that align to the MSP business model.

Trend Micro delivers top-ranked security solutions that fit customers' needs, stop new threats faster, and protect data in physical, virtualised, and cloud environments.

Powered by the industry-leading Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ cloud security Infrastructure, Trend Micro's solutions stop threats in the cloud, delivering proactive protection faster than any other security vendor.

In particular, Trend Micro offers an on-demand self provisioning license portal called Licensing Management Platfrom (LMP), that allows MSP resellers to provision product licenses anytime, and eliminate renewal management, as the keys are valid until your customers want to cancel them.

In addition to LMS the program, Trend Micro provides resellers with specialist SMB tools - the Worry Free Remote Manager, which integrates directly with LMS, and provides the multi tenant management of the resellers entire client base from a single sign-on, secure web console For MSP resellers with Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM), there is specific integration with Kasaya, for enhanced ticketing.

Trend Micro also works with a number of other RMM tools - Level platforms, labtech, N-Able, Continuum. Trend Micro is also linked to Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools like ConnectWide and Autotask.

Trend Micro understands the many resellers are augmenting their annual license clients with recrurring revenue business, so we have included features in our MSP tools that lets resellers combine both types of licenses into a single console for ease of management and help you streamline your operations while you grow your business.

With a dedicated team of security experts and a global presence, Trend Micro offers a complete portfolio of security solutions for Managed Service providers. Usage-based licensing is available on the following products; Security for Data Centres, Mail and Web Gateway, Data and Communication/ Collaboration Servers, Endpoints and BYOD/Mobile solutions.

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Why do you need the Trend Micro MSP program?

  • Revenue : diversify your revenue stream by adding sustainable security service revenue with minimum financial risk.
  • Flexibility : offer your clients a flexible security service that will adapt to current and future technology needs.
  • Financial Options : offer your clients and prospects the option of annual licenses or recurring revenue options that work with your existing RMM/PSA tools.

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