On-premise automated security, stability & ROI for VMware, AWS & Kubernetes.

Offer your customers a proactive approach to running their environments with:

  • Automated Security Compliance
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Optimized Hybrid Cloud
  • Properly planned vSphere Upgrades
  • Increased vSphere Availability

Help your customers move away from the business-as-usual barrage of continuously changing security requirement, system sprawl and troubleshooting. With Runecast, IT admins can run their environments with automated, predicative analytics of known issues, remediation steps to optimize performance, huge savings of costs and audit-readiness for security compliance.

Company Story

Runecast has been established by a group of the 5 leading VMware engineers from IBM Centre of Excellence who recognized the opportunity to automate their day-to-day routine tasks in order to focus more on the innovative and strategical activities.

The Runecast Partner Network offers benefits and rewards to ensure our mutual success:

  • Leverage online and in-person training courses to build and enhance your practice
  • Gain access to tools and resources to help you add customer value through your services
  • Take advantage of financial incentives and special offers to drive opportunities for your business
  • Earn the trust of your customers as an expert advisor
  • Integrate, test and validate your solution with Runecast technology
  • Open doors for customer dialogue
  • Offer your customers issue prevention, security compliance, log analytics and hardware compatibility upgrade simulations

How can we help?

What is Runecast Analyzer & How Does It Help to Prevent Issues in Your Data Center?


“Using Runecast to help identify and mitigate any potential issues helps ONI to deliver a business assured service for it's cloud customers. Delivering 100% uptime is a core ONI value and preventing potential issues from becoming service related issues is a key reason for ONI selecting Runecast.”

Gordon Howes

Cloud Service Manager



“We needed audit tools that could scan our cloud environment and give suggestion/solution how to match our cloud with VMware best practices and we found all that in Runecast Analyzer”

Reza Kertadjaja
Chief Operations Officer
Indonesian Cloud


“We did not see anything else on the market that could do what Runecast does. We downloaded the product, installed it, ran it and immediately realized the value in having such a tool.”

Victor Central School District

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