Octopus Cloud View is an intelligent SPLA reporting solution that takes the pain out of SPLA management and optimises revenue through fast, intelligent reporting.

A better way to manage SPLA:

Microsoft’s SPLA licensing accuracy no longer needs to be in the hands of your customers while the responsibility for SPLA reporting to Microsoft is in yours. Now you can easily and quickly take that pain from your customers and report SPLA usage on time every time with complete confidence.

Program description:

Know that your current position is compliant, and your license cost is optimised moving forward.

  • OC View gathers all SPLA relevant usage and infrastructure in your environment to create an accurate usage report.
  • OC View then applies Microsoft SPLA licensing intelligence. Using rules created from the Microsoft Service Provider Use Rights OC View will calculate the license requirements for you.
  • OC View analyses the cost of license types and applies the most cost-effective license to the use case.

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What does this mean to you?

Increased revenue for you by giving you complete knowledge of what is being used under SPLA for each customer so you can bill your customers for what they use.

  • Accurate purchasing - Improve the accuracy and optimise your license purchasing to improve margins and/or reduce costs.
  • Resource efficiency - Reduce the resources required to manage the process around SPLA reporting.
  • Precise invoicing - Correctly invoice customers for what they use and increase your revenue or margins.
  • Clear audit trails - Clear audit trails ensure compliance to prevent fines and can also be used for billing purposes.
  • Agile auditing - Reduce the amount of resources needed to meet the requirements of an audit or to defend against one.
  • Focus on your core business – Have SPLA licensing rules applied automatically in OC View and free your staff to focus on other things.

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