Grow your business by offering our trusted IT security – scalable and customizable solutions that keep customers one step ahead of any threats.

For more than 30 years, ESET has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services to protect businesses and critical infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated digital threats, such as Ransomware and Zero-Day threats.

ESET offers an easy to use cloud-based management console, which enables one-click security deployment and gives network visibility without the need to buy or maintain additional hardware, reducing the total cost of ownership.

ESET PROTECT solution offers Network Sandboxing, Cloud File Security, Mobile Data Security, Encryption, Antivirus, Endpoint Management, and Endpoint Protection.

ESET MSP Program Benefits

  • Enjoy daily billing, monthly invoicing: Add new seats in real-time. Each month, we only invoice you for the exact number of seat-days ordered. You pay only for licenses your customers actually utilize without the need for upfront investment.
  • Stay independent: Manage your licenses through self-service ESET MSP Adminstrator2 (EMA2) web-interface. Add or remove seats or make other administrative changes in seconds, without having to contact ESET.
  • Support and Services Take advantage of working with a trusted industry leader, including premium sales, presales and technical support via dedicated local ESET team.

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Solutions offered by rhipe


Cloud-based, multifunctional management console providing real-time network visibility. It is offered as a service, reducing total cost of Ownership.

  • Centralised management
    Offering both cloud-based and On-Premises management console, the entire network can be configured, managed and monitored from one place.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    Deploying security products to endpoint machines and managing them under centralized management system is always a crucial operation.
    ESET PROTECT console handles this elegantly with the help of live installer.
  • Integration and automation with MSP Administrator
    ESET PROTECT console is natively integrated with MSP Administrator supported by single sign-on capability. Easy onboarding of new customers with the MSP Automation Framework.
  • Dynamic Groups management
    Create new dynamic groups based on a template. Computers meeting defined criteria are moved into the appropriate Dynamic Group automatically, with pre-defined security policies.
  • Multitenancy
    Get a holistic view of your managed customers from a central dashboard.
    Access installers, licenses, tasks and policies, and set up advanced nonfictions.
    Agent-based infrastructure lets you install or uninstall almost any application.
    Robust reporting keeps you up-to-date.

What are the pain points for end customers and how does ESET addresses them?

Pain Points

  • Day-to-day security vulnerabilities, ransomware, malware, zero-day threats and attacks, remote workforce security issues, endpoint security infrastructure and management, limited budget.
  • High Infection and false positive rates, poor support response and lack of training, high level of resource consumption.


  • Proving the top product in the market for detection of threats and zero to none false positive alerts.
  • High class support for customers.
  • Training and certification to customers and partners.
  • ESET products are recognized as the lowest in consumption of memory, disk and processor in the market.