You can now offer Dynamics 365 for Sales to your clients - no CRM skills required


CRM Kickstart is designed to help organisations start their CRM journey – quickly, and at a low cost – adding value immediately.

As an IT provider, you can stick to what you do best, and partner with Beyond CRM to deliver specialist CRM services. As a simple easy subscription model, CRM Kickstart can be bundled with other services and subscriptions you provide.

CRM Kickstart delivers a standardised but customised CRM solution based around the Sales App in Dynamics 365. It’s a fixed price, fixed scope, rapid deployment method for delivering CRM to your SMB clients in a way that gets the customer started fast with room to grow.

Tick cloud Why CRM Kickstart?

Only what they need

The Dynamics 365 solution has been scaled back to the essentials that small and medium business need to get started, and hidden the parts they don’t. Based around the Sales App only, there’s room for the customer to branch out into the other members of the Dynamics 365 family, over time.

Standardised but customised

It’s standardised to a large extent – the scope is very clearly defined to avoid surprises. It’s customised for Australian businesses, with some essential customisations to make sure your client’s CRM suits the way they work.


Because we’ve hidden, not removed, the things they don’t need, CRM Kickstart can always be extended as the client’s needs grow. And it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with other Office 365 products and the other Dynamics 365 Apps.

Fast and inexpensive = immediate ROI

CRM Kickstart can deploy rapidly within two weeks – depending on the client’s needs and how fast they can provide the information we need. We customise in some specific, but important areas of their CRM according to their needs within the scope of the Kickstart solution.

What’s more, after paying a small upfront Set-up charge, the remainder of the cost is amortised through an affordable subscription which is bundled with Dynamics 365 licencing.

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Tick cloud Opportunities for Partners

  • Cross-sell CRM solution to your customers, without expensive CRM training and investment
  • You continue to own and retain the overall client relationship
  • You continue to have CRM Kickstart services & future enhancements delivered by Beyond CRM

For more information, please go to contact your rhipe Account Manager on how you can add CRM Kicstart to your subscription offerings.

About Beyond CRM

Beyond CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist and channel partner with a focus on delivering affordable CRM solutions for the SMB market through the CSP model. As a rhipe ISV, it’s easy to engage Beyond CRM for CRM services, while maintaining control of your client and their billing arrangements.

Through Beyond CRM's passion and focus on CRM only, Beyond CRM is able to deliver solutions that are highly innovative and scalable while meeting the budget, timeframes and future needs of SMB clients.

That’s what makes partnering with Beyond CRM a great solution to grow your cloud portfolio without expanding you practice.

CRM Kickstart

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