Backup365® gives you confidence and peace of mind that your customers won’t lose their data.

Backup365 ensures Microsoft 365, Email, SharePoint, OneDrive and other business cloud data is automatically and securely backed up, accessible, retrievable and restorable if and when needed.

Backup365 delivers convenient end user access through our web portal, or unique Outlook Add-in (Mac, PC and OWA) which empowers users to search and restore email and files independently and quickly without the assistance of an IT provider or administrator.

How does Backup365 work?

Backup365® performs regular snapshot backups of all business data in the cloud and saves it to multiple, geographically redundant local data centres in Australia. These backups can then be searched, accessed and restored via the Backup365 portal, API or Outlook Add-in.

Did you know?

By default, Microsoft 365 keeps deleted items for 30 days in the recycle bin, then it’s removed for good.

Data loss can also occur for many other reasons.

Some of the most common reasons for cloud data loss include:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Intentional or malicious deletion
  • System faults, prolonged outages or administrative errors
  • Security breaches such as hacking, virus, malware or ransomware.

While uptime and access are the responsibility of a cloud provider, backing up cloud data is a user and business responsibility. Backup365 assures data is backed up in Australia, redundantly across separate physical data centres to the original service, and commercially independent of the provider.

Why Backup365?

  • Backup365 is designed, built and supported locally in Australia and New Zealand
  • Built for channel distribution and only offered through managed service providers (MSPs)
  • Offers full Microsoft 365 mailbox discovery, backup and restore (mail, contacts and calendars)
  • Ensures all data is backed up 6+ times a day
  • Securely and automatically discovers and backs up OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Default 10-year data retention period*
  • Backup365 Outlook Add-in enables end users to independently access and restore any backed-up data, reducing reliance on MSPs for data retrieval
  • Automated provisioning and reporting
  • 100% Australian owned

* Changes to the default 10-year retention period is available on application.

Join the partner program to unlock:

  • Local pre-sales and technical resources
  • Free Internal Use Licence for your business
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  • Ongoing sales and informational support
  • 24x7 local technical support
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Join other MSPs using Backup365 to safeguard cloud data for their Microsoft 365 customers.

Provisioning Backup365 through PRISM


“Critically, Backup365 is tailored for the MSP market offering greater flexibility and billing that’s tailored to MSPs including a high level of automation. We also like the fact that it is developed in Australia and the help desk is locally based.”

Martin Thurgate

Diamond IT


“Too many organisations don’t read the fine print. Microsoft 365 only keeps deleted items for up to 30 days in a user’s recycle bin, then it’s gone. Because we’ve implemented Backup365, this security risk is not an issue for any of our customers.”

Shaun Moore



“Most of our customers are in financial services and have a clear understanding of compliance requirements. Backup365 offers peace of mind in the event of a malicious event or an accidental deletion. As their service provider, we like the granular recovery and the ten-year retention of data Backup 365 offers.”

David Nicholls

Solve Business Services