AvePoint provides migration, operations management, security, and backup products, and aims to be the go-to SaaS platform provider for the Microsoft 365 channel, helping partners better serve their customers with secure collaboration solutions. AvePoint has the largest software-as-a-service user base in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Service providers can offer customers more capabilities than Microsoft native capabilities, enabling true secure collaboration and giving customers control over their data.

Confidently package secure collaboration solutions for greater revenue and margins backed by 24x7 support.

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Types of Solutions offered by rhipe

FLY Migration

Consolidate and migrate on-premises or cloud mail, files, and collaboration into Microsoft 365 cloud

Key Benefits: Move, migrate, and consolidate legacy systems, cloud files, mail, and Microsoft 365 tenants into Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. We maintain data integrity and never compromise security. No matter the path, we take a proven approach!

Cloud Backup for M365 & D365

Cloud backup safeguards your data and allows you to quickly recover individual files and folders

Key Benefits: Unlimited, automated backup service for customers’ Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 assets

Cloud Management

Automate control of security, configurations, and content, and then replicate changes in real time

Key benefits: Centralize and simplify Microsoft 365 administrative functions with Cloud Management and the Element Partner Portal

Policies & Insights

Easily find, prioritize, fix, and enforce controls for permissions, membership, and configuration. All your workspaces, completely secure

Key benefits: Find, prioritize, fix, and enforce security controls across Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and OneDrive