Provide your customers with peace of mind that their data is safe, while growing your own business profitability with SmartEncrypt.

Program overview

SmartEncrypt enables managed service providers and your customers to easily protect sensitive data and IP with encryption, so that files are secure wherever they travel, are stored or accessed, including in and out of the cloud.

SmartEncrypt provides your customers the essential visibility and control needed to protect their data from theft, misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, in turn reducing the risk of data loss that could result in a reportable breach or non-compliance with data privacy regulations.

SmartEncrypt works collaboratively with existing Security and Business Continuity strategies to ensure your customers do not become just another statistic.

  • Time to identify and contain a cyber breach is more than 296days in Australia*
  • Currently there is One Cybercrime reported every 10 minutes.
  • Estimated annual loss to businesses of $300M per year.
  • More than 80% organisations have identified that Cyber Security is in the top five most important investments over the next 12 months

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Key Benefits of SmartEncrypt include


  • SaaS Encryption Solution - no infrastructure, server licensing, policy maintenance, or key management system required. Fast to deploy, scales easily and makes encryption protection accessible for businesses of any size.
  • True Persistent Protection - AES 256-bit encryption travels with the file or folder securing it wherever it is located or accessed, even after editing.
  • Automated Encryption – files are automatically encrypted/decrypted when accessed, saved and closed, or when content is added to rule-protected encrypted locations.
  • Seamless User Experience – invisible encryption process. Encrypted files are not renamed, or moved, or require a mounted drive. No changes to user workflows and next-to-no training required.
  • Storage Agnostic works with computers, servers, SAN or NAS storage.
  • Business-controlled Encryption & Keys - business management are always in control of the encryption process, file access and encryption keys – not the user. Encryption keys are stored in the cloud and are easily managed via the web-based Management Console.
  • Access Restrictions - users log into the client software and once authenticated receive the encryption key to open encrypted files. 2FA can be added for sensitive file access.
  • BYOD Support and access control beyond the firewall – files remain encrypted when accessed from smartphones, tablets and removable media. Encryption keys can be revoked, and device access blocked from beyond the organisation's firewall.
  • Geographic Access Restrictions lock data so that it can only be accessed from selected networks such as office locations or specific regions and countries.
  • Secure Collaboration - encrypted files can be shared securely with third parties enabling collaboration without loss of control.

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