Red Hat Summit: Day 3 (part 2)

(Boughty Canton, VP Products & Programs, rhipe)

So we’ve reached the end of another Red Hat Summit, and go figure that the first session I attended literally had people sitting on the floor it was so crowded. What would draw this kind of crowd you might ask? A session titled “Containers vs Virtualization.” Would that get you up early?


Interesting to many, Essential to Few

(Stephen Parker, VP Market Research)

I offer this as a simple tag line to the malaise that many businesses find themselves in when it comes to positioning their Cloud offerings.  With all the hype about massive market opportunities offered by the unlocking of geographical constraints it is not surprising that the natural approach when looking at Cloud is a top down view.  This leads to a vision based on a massive market that can be served by a standardised offering that must surely be capable of at least a 5% penetration.  However experience shows that this approach has not been successful.