Disrupting modern consulting

Is this the end of traditional consulting models? Modern consulting practices promote flexibility and relationships as opposed to high up-front costs and continual change requests. They tend to lean towards a more relational operating model, which generally involves a process of engaging a client regarding a need, building a relationship through delivery and aiming to…


When the going gets tough, the tough get innovative.

(Stephen Parker, Senior Industry Evangelist, 1visionOT)   It's only a few years since 'Cloud', 'Big Data' and 'Mobile' became the bright, shiny things. Now they're mainstream with most major technology vendors trumpeting their market leadership or targeted dominance in one area or another. Customers are now focusing their IT spend in these new area's, referred…


The 20 Habits of Truly Brilliant Presenters

(Stephen Parker, Senior Industry Evangelist)

Presenting can be exhilarating, but it can also be the stuff of nightmares.  The pleasure of sharing ideas and seeing the light bulbs go off in the audience as the message lands can quickly be replaced by fear of failure and a desire to run.

Even actors and musicians that we admire for their amazing stage presence are not immune (Richard Burton, Stephen Fry, Robbie Williams to name but a few).