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Remote Desktop Services, Citrix and Windows Azure

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease) (UPDATE: the following post from Luis Panzano over at MSDN provides further details and links to the usage rights associated with RDS on Azure Anybody at the recent Microsoft WPC in Houston would have been left in no doubt that Azure is a major focus for Microsoft…


Big Data and the Cloud

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease) After “Cloud”, “Big Data” is one of the buzz words at the moment.  I was recently asked how they were connected and for some examples.  Following is a summary of my reply: One of the biggest challenges for all businesses will be that Big Data will require staff…


Heresy: in the cloud era ongoing value is as important as margin to reseller profitability

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease) Assertion: Margin is a key business metric, however in the cloud era the following 3 KPI’s challenge it for the throne: Customers perception of Time to value Delivering additional services at marginal cost Optimising the number of parties using the service Justification: Do not misunderstand me I am…