Leverage rhipe as your delivery partner in Data Protection Services

The rhipe Data Protection team are highly certified specialists across Commvault and other next-gen data protection platforms, ensuring backups and restores work.

With increased data sprawl across on-premises and cloud, effective protection of critical data is becoming ever more complex and challenging. Take advantage of our Data Protection Service, where we use our expert knowledge to manage Commvault data protection environments, giving your customers complete confidence their data is protected and accessible when needed.

Our dedicated and absolute focus on managing Commvault infrastructure has cultivated a refined set of best practices that allow us to identify and resolve issues before they become disruptive.

What will our Commvault Services deliver for your customers?

  • Reduced costs
  • Maintain adherence to design, whilst also optimising performance and capacity
  • Ensure the constant health and availability of your Commvault Platform
  • Have confidence in the integrity and availability of the restore points
  • Minimise or eliminate costly preventable service disruptions
  • Deliver backup success rates of greater than 99% on a monthly basis
  • Maintain and grow the reputation of your business

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Why rhipe?

Whether it’s designing, building, upgrading or managing a data protection platform for your customers, our team will ensure your success. With petabytes of data under management and an SLA for backup success of at least 99%, your customers can rest easy. We currently manage >500,000 backup jobs each month to guarantee a rock-solid recovery position for multiple customers across Australia and New Zealand.

The Data Protection Service mitigates risks by ensuring that the backup platform is continually monitored, managed and maintained in accordance with best practice, to provide all stakeholders with peace of mind that every reasonable step is being taken to ensure reliable and consistent backups.