Introducing new services from rhipe to support ISVs and SaaS creators


We believe it is necessary for ISVs to stay focused on their product. Anything less, in today’s competitive market, and you could easily be overtaken.

How do we help you focus?

rhipe understands that for ISVs and SaaS companies, your applications are your business so, we make sure you get the best out of Azure to deliver product innovation for your customers, without the technical noise and distraction of managing your Cloud Platform.

Why rhipe

Azure Cloud Platform Managed Services?

  • We take away the technical noise of running SaaS and software applications, so you can zero-in on product, prospects, your people and customers.
  • Take advantage of a proactive service that ensures security, performance, availability, cost and compliance are monitored and managed effectively. We have been managing complex Azure environments at scale since 2014. Over that time, we have collated our extensive IP to create the Parallo Runtime Automation Library to monitor, manage and self-heal Microsoft Azure environments.
  • With regular reporting you’ll have total transparency of your public cloud service. We prevent bill-shock and facilitate informed decision-making. With 24x7 monitoring, we identify potential issues and take immediate steps to prevent any service disruptions.
  • We proactively manage your public cloud consumption and put cost-control mechanisms in place, so that you can ensure accurate billing and gain business insights. For example, we automatically analyse your daily spend and, through machine learning, we detect usage anomalies that are immediately investigated.

How can we help?

Our Services

Microsoft Azure

Is your business going next level? Need that extra expertise? Maybe you’ve been shocked by the latest bill landing on your desk? Or Azure is up-and-running but you haven’t the manpower to manage it? Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

Microsoft Azure is ideal for those ISVs who want to convert their CAPEX to OPEX, need scalable solutions and guaranteed uptime. We have been designing, building and running complex Azure environments since 2014.

Whether applications need simple re-hosting to Microsoft Azure or total re-architecting and modernising, our professionals are always available with their special blend of in-depth, up-to-date knowledge and sound expertise.

Runtime Automation Library

We have been managing complex Azure environments at scale since 2014. Over that time, we have collated our extensive IP to create the Runtime Automation Library. The Runtime Library monitors Azure environments 24×7 to ensure optimised behaviour across security, performance, availability and cost.

Automated corrective actions, waste detection processes, ticketing system integration, ChatOps integration and other features abound. The benefits to our customers – huge! Our highly pro-active DNA is encapsulated in Runtime, ensuring our customers get the best out of Azure.

App Transformation

The continuous rate of innovation on the Azure platform is remarkable. ISVs who are not leveraging the PaaS features of Azure are probably paying too much, have slower update and release cycles, and limited scalability options.

We can transform your app to use the latest PaaS features facilitating automated scalability, lower cost, rapid deployment and lower operational overhead. We will take you through our proven framework to understand the best way forward, clear and simple.

Development Expertise

We also understand that development teams primarily focus on customer funded features, differentiating features and customer impacting bugs.

Tech debt builds up in the backlog and initiatives to leverage new platform features languish behind customer facing priorities.

rhipe's development capability exists to keep tech debt to a minimum and enable the adoption of new technologies that move the needle. Our team will clear out the backlog, ensuring that your App is leveraging the most efficient features and not getting left behind.

CI/CD & Devops

CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous deployment) is absolutely necessary in this zero-downtime landscape. Technology is always on. Gone are the days where you can afford to stop for a software upgrade. We will help you move to this model of software deployment and manage the pipeline.

Parallo’s team of automaters and orchestraters can automate environment builds, deployment pipelines, automated corrective actions and much more. The Parallo DevOps team are highly skilled and rapidly fill the gap between Ops and Dev, being valuable to both.

Azure Security

As an ISV, you are not only responsible for your own security, but the security of your client and customer data. This means that while you develop software products and deliver them to the market as fast as possible, you need to ensure your SaaS product is secure - and be able to prove that to your client.

We've developed a set of comprehensive security services that leverages the power of Microsoft Azure to enable ISVs to strengthen your Microsoft Azure infrastructure, Web Application security posture and get a complete picture of your security and compliance.