A Cloud Focus

We understand the Cloud, it is our core focus. Businesses and service providers that are already in the Cloud or are heading to the Cloud are our customers.


Cloud & Channel First

We are a Cloud first, channel first company. We provide licensing, services and support to help our channel partners  in delivering value to their end-user clients


Reinventing Value

We constantly look to reinvent the value we offer to our customers and the vendors we represent.


Driving Success

Everything we do is focused on driving success for our business and service provider customers.


Hybrid Licensing

At the heart of our business is licensing. But not any licensing. We focus on vendors that have programs supporting businesses and service providers in their move to the hybrid cloud. Whilst our heritage has been around subscription licensing we also offer more traditional licensing programs where they support a Cloud 1st strategy. The cloud model is all about realised value and ongoing use rather than the promise of future value. We understand that licensing programs need to reflect this new reality and more closely align costs to revenue streams.  [find out more...]


Business Services

The cloud model is all about realised benefits and not promised ones.  This leads to revenue growth being driven by the ongoing use of services rather than an initial “one off” sale. This shifts the emphasis away from efforts aimed at trying to “close the deal” to services focused on accelerating customer adoption and value realisation, extending ongoing use and optimising operating costs. rhipe has grown up with these cloud dynamics, we are totally focused on driving adoption of the cloud and our staff are some of the most cloud knowledgeable globally.  [find out more...]



With a world that is changing rapidly, knowledge becomes a critical asset. What is happening within the world of IT and what can we learn by looking outside? What licensing programs are being introduced or changed? How can you create differentiation in an increasing competitive market? Working with a business that has been totally focused on the cloud for over 10 years provides access to a level of knowledge that is unprecedented in the industry.   [find out more...]


Microsoft Dynamics

Line of Business applications are at the heart of a company’s operations and done well provide a key competitive advantage. CRM has been an earlier adopter of the cloud model. However the hybrid approach is leading to a broader inclusion of ERP solutions. Whether you are an established or new Dynamics partner looking to extend your activities or a cloud service provider who needs to create differentiation in your offerings the cloud and Microsoft Dynamics present great opportunities. A hybrid cloud world means having access to licensing options and business skills that allow you to reach from the ground to the cloud.  [find out more...]

Vendors and Services

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testimonial_bubble1See what our customers are saying...

  • rhipe is more than just a license distributor. By combining their strong product knowledge and cloud business know-how, they are able to help Cloud Service Providers like us maximize the value we deliver to our customers.

    Michael Foo | Business Development Director
  • rhipe is unique. They are the only distributor who looks holistically at our business of being a Cloud Service Provider.

    Regional IT
    Dan Wright | Managing Director
  • As the first cloud service provider in Australia, we have partnered with rhipe since the beginning because they not only understand what it means to deliver cloud services, but they also help us continue to improve and understand these new models.

    Nick Beaugeard | CEO
  • rhipe understands the Cloud Marketplace and Cloud Service providers. They understand how businesses can differentiate and deliver value. This is the value they add as a distributor.

    Zack Levy | CTO
  • rhipe partner with us to maximise the revenue and profit from our Service Provider Licence business. Without this advice, assistance, and support it would be significantly harder to make a profitable business out of providing licences to our end customers.

    Brennan IT
    Nicholas Hollings | Cloud Practise Manager
  • As a supplier of software assets to DC Two, rhipe have always provided us with that much needed license optimisation and guidance across many vendors which has enabled us to structure and build our platforms with confidence.

    DC Two
    Justin Thomas | Managing Director

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Recent FAQ

Simple answer is YES.  Longer answer (with caveats) is:

Partner evaluation & testing

Evaluation and testing of products is allowed for a period of 90 days.
This period begins on the date the SPLA partner first acquires the original media for the product (software or online services).
The partner is required to keep records of such deployment benefiting from this right (see page 8-9 of the SPLA Agreement)
Further information can be found on Page 5 of the SPLA agreement.

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Simple answer is YES. Longer answer (including caveats) is:

End user demos

A customer may demonstrate its software services for up to 50 prospective end users.
The customer must keep records of all demonstrations including names, and user id’s.
The end user demo period is 60 days.
Further information can be found on Page 5 of the SPLA agreement, & page 4 of the SPLA program guide.

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The major change is a change in use rights for the Cloud Platform Suite (CPS): Service Providers are required to use Windows Azure Pack “WAP” for provisioning and deployment of a physical or virtual OSE in the Host Fabric.  To see more details of this and other changes please read this post)

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Core Infrastructure Suite (CIS) DOES include SQL server std edition to support System Center. However you cannot use the SQL component included to support any other line of business applications apart from System Center.  Further details can be found in the Service Provider Usage Rights (SPUR).  Details of how to access the SPUR can be found here.

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This response relates to Office 365 Proplus, not Exchange Online.. etc.
End users from the same company who have the Office 365 Proplus license can now use the shared computer activation feature and run O365 Proplus from the same hardware.

There are three ways to have O365 ProPlus hosted:

  • Customer self-hosted
  • Through Azure VM
  • Through SPLA partner's physically dedicated platform

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If you have a single tenant environment (Dedicated physical server), you can provide the infrastructure under SPLA (Windows SPLA) and the customer can bring their own Microsoft Apps without the need to have SA. This  only applies if the end user has purchased through volume licenses program and no other non-SPLA Microsoft licensing channels. Previously the only way you could mix SPLA with end user licenses was through License Mobility, now you don`t require SA if this is on a physically dedicated server. SA and License Mobility still required if you want to bring end user licenses to your shared hosted/multi-tenant environment.

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Simple answer is YES.  Although embedded within the Dynamics specific use rights etc there is a similar License Mobility construct that allows your customer to bring their licensing to your "as a service" offerings.

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